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Drug charges for 2 out-of-state men

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Drug Charges

Being accused of committing a crime can change a person’s life exponentially. This may be exacerbated for those accused of crimes that happen in another state from where they live. It can disrupt their life as they may have to travel for court appearances or even be away from family or work if they have to remain in jail. Two men from out of state now face multiple drug charges here in Maryland.

Police say that the arrest happened after a state trooper conducted a traffic stop on a recent evening. Officials will not say precisely why the officer took this action, only disclosing that it took place on local roadways and that two men were in the vehicle at the time. The officer claimed that upon searching the vehicle, more than 200 grams of suspected opium powder was found. The search also allegedly yielded other contraband and more than $1,200 cash.

The driver and passenger are both out-of-state residents. They were arrested and taken to a local detention center. Both have been charged with more than one offense, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a large amount. There is no word on an upcoming court appearance or possibilities of bail or bond for either individual.

Whether accused people reside in Maryland or somewhere else, they have every right to defend themselves against drug charges, which can carry serious consequences. A conviction could impact a person’s ability to retain employment or secure housing, not to mention the possibility of having to serve a prison sentence or pay a significant fine. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can be fierce advocate for those in need of assistance.