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3 facing theft charges after string of armed robberies

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

There are always two sides to every story, but there are times when one side is not fully told. People accused of certain crimes often feel this way, as there may be mitigating circumstances to a certain offense, or times when the wrong person stands accused. The judicial system in this country is designed for those possibilities, predicated on the fact that everyone is presumed innocent until – and only if — proven guilty. Three suspects will have the chance to tell their version of events in a Maryland court soon, after being arrested for several area robberies and now facing theft charges.

According to police, there were five different robberies, all taking place at different businesses over the last few weeks. Two occurred at different locations of the same convenience store chain, one at a drugstore, and the last two happened at different fast-food retailers. The robberies all followed a similar pattern, with one or two suspects demanding money and brandishing a knife.

Police say that they were able to determine suspects after the fifth robbery, but haven’t disclosed their methods. Officers arrested three people they claim are responsible for the robberies at a local hotel on a recent evening. Two men and one woman have been charged with numerous crimes, including armed robbery, first-degree assault and theft.

The charges against these individuals are serious and could result in significant punishment if they are found guilty of even one of the crimes. Still, they have every right to defend themselves against these accusations. To give themselves the best chance at the most favorable outcome possible, they and anyone facing theft charges here in Maryland has every right to work with a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney can ensure that the person’s rights are protected and every possibility for a meaningful defense is fully explored.