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Men with $25,000 worth of marijuana facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Drug Charges

Maryland is one of many states that has relaxed laws around the usage of marijuana. Currently, marijuana for medical use is legal and the possession of small amounts is no longer a criminal act. However, the usage, distribution or possession of larger amounts is still illegal. The court system still takes crimes of this nature very seriously and anyone possessing marijuana along with other drugs may face significant punishment. Two men were recently arrested after police claim they found more than $25,000 worth of marijuana in their vehicle and they will likely have to deal with serious repercussions if they are found guilty of these drug charges.

According to police, detectives received reports of concern from local community members about possible drug-related activity in a certain neighborhood on a recent weekday. Police say that they went to that area around noon and pulled over a vehicle. The detectives claim that the two suspects in the vehicle had both drugs and drug paraphernalia out in plain sight.

When the detectives searched the vehicle, they say they found marijuana valued at more than $25,000. They also claim that they found THC edibles, cash and other drug-related items. The two men were arrested and charged, though it is unclear what the precise charges may be. However, based on the amount of drugs police allege the suspects had in their possession, the charges are likely very serious and could result in a long prison sentence, fines or other punishment.

Though this case may be an extreme example, it shows that law enforcement along with the judicial system here in Maryland do not show leniency when it comes to marijuana possession. Drug charges have the potential to impact a person’s life in numerous ways, and it is imperative that those accused understand their right to fair proceedings in a court of law. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney may make a huge difference as a person answers to these types of charges.