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Adult Drug Court gives hope to those charged with drug crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Drug Charges

Drug addiction is all too common in this country. Contrary to what some may think, it is not some moral failing, but a disease that can wreak havoc in multiple areas of a person’s life. Some people may even face arrest for drug crimes related to their addiction, and conviction has the potential to worsen the problem. One Maryland county decided to work on this issue in a new way, by establishing a program to help offenders get treatment for their addiction.

The program is called Adult Drug Court and its aim is to help people accused of committing drug-related offenses improve their lives rather than go to prison. A county judge helped start ADC last summer, hoping that it will prevent recidivism and address the reasons people may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Those who participate go through several stages, including working on their sobriety and career training. Advocates say that the program is meant to help participants transition back into regular life.

Only certain people qualify for ADC, such as those who haven’t been charged with a violent crime. Three people recently finished the program and are excited about their results. One participant said that the program helped him get sober and begin to repair his relationship with his children. Had it not been for ADC, he and other offenders may have spent a year or more in prison and simply gone on to reoffend. Instead, he has the skills to build a life he loves.

As promising as Adult Drug Court is, it is not available across the entire state of Maryland. Even in counties with similar programs, not all of those accused of drug crimes will qualify for them. It may make sense for those facing these kinds of charges to work with a qualified attorney who knows how important a strong criminal defense plan is for an accused person’s future.