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NFL star alleges domestic violence against girlfriend

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Domestic Violence

So often when picturing a survivor of domestic violence, many people think of a woman. While they are often the most likely victims, men are also frequently subject to abuse from an intimate partner. This is what one player for the Baltimore Ravens, D.J. Fluker, alleges against his long-term girlfriend and mother of his child. Maryland authorities are now looking into his allegations of domestic violence.

Reports say that Fluker and his girlfriend recently had an argument about social media. Fluker claims she punched him in the nose, though she says she only poked him, not intending to hit or harm him. An officer who responded to the scene reported seeing dried blood that came from Fluker’s nose, and there are photos that also apparently show the player with blood on his face.

Police took the girlfriend into custody and have charged her with second-degree assault and destruction of property. Fluker claims that she assaulted him approximately two weeks before the most recent incident, but that he did not report it. There is also video evidence that purports to show her hitting him more than once during an argument regarding the care of the couple’s daughter, though it is unclear whether this is a separate incident.

No one, regardless of gender or level of fame, should ever have to experience assault from a person that he or she loves and trusts. However, there are instances where there may be more to the story than what one party says. Those here in Maryland who are survivors of domestic violence or who have been accused of it will need to consider their available legal options in the pursuit of justice. An attorney with experience in handling both sides of this issue could prove to be a valuable asset.