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Armed robbery suspects arrested, charged

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

Being accused of committing a crime where no one is physically harmed may not seem like a big deal. However, the judicial system considers these offenses just as seriously as any others. Crimes that involve the use of weapons, such as armed robbery, are not taken lightly by the court, especially when the defendant is accused of committing the offense multiple times. Two men were recently arrested here in Maryland and they now face charges in connection with several instances of armed robbery.

Police claim that the two suspects are responsible for at least four recent armed robberies. All of them took place at different convenience stories. Officials say that the accused men used a shotgun to intimidate store clerks and steal money. A witness from one of the most recent robberies assisted police in identifying the suspects.

Police took the men into custody after locating a van they claim was used in the commission of the crimes. So far, one county has charged the men with robbery, carrying a firearm without a license and more. Law enforcement in other jurisdictions where the robberies took place say they intend to file charges as well.

Though police may feel as though their case against these two suspects is strong, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country’s judicial system. All people here in Maryland have the right to defend themselves against criminal charges of all kinds, including armed robbery. Those who want to give themselves the best chance at fair treatment from the courts may want to consult a criminal defense attorney who can consider multiple possibilities in order to facilitate the best outcome possible.