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Man charged with drunk driving after motorcycle crash injures 2

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Being charged with a DUI is often life-changing for those who experience it. Depending on the circumstances, conviction could mean many different forms of punishment. If a crash that results in injury or fatality happens in connection with drunk driving, the consequences may be even more severe. A recent accident here in Maryland may illustrate this point, as two people riding a motorcycle were injured in a collision. Authorities claim that the crash was caused by an intoxicated SUV driver.

Police say that the SUV driver was heading north on a local road. He allegedly tried to make a left turn and struck a motorcycle that was carrying two people. The motorcycle operator and passenger were both thrown from the bike and had to be rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment of life-threatening injuries.

The man driving the SUV was arrested at the scene after first responders decided he did not need treatment at a hospital. Police say that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash, though they did not report how they arrived at this conclusion. Sometimes police will conduct field sobriety tests or use a Breathalyzer to determine a person’s blood alcohol content, or BAC. He has been charged with driving a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. There is no word on any potential for other charges, though police are still gathering information about the incident.

A drunk driving conviction here in Maryland can result in varying punishment though the criminal justice system. People may have to serve time in jail, pay a fine and/or have their license revoked. This is not to mention the damage they may suffer to their personal and professional reputations. It is imperative that those accused prioritize their criminal defense and consider retaining an attorney to facilitate the best possible.