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Former Baltimore Ravens lineman arrested for domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Firm News

No one should ever have to fear being hurt by someone that they love and trust. Unfortunately, it happens all too often here in Maryland and across the nation. Accusations of domestic violence are very serious and deserve fair and thorough investigation. There are times when an accused person may face consequences before even being convicted. A former defensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, Ufomba Kamalu, had exactly that happen to him when he was released from the team after his recent arrest for domestic violence.

Police say that they responded to a domestic violence call on a recent early morning. They say that when they arrived, Kamalu was not at the residence. They also report that the victim was visibly injured. The assault allegedly happened when the unnamed victim and Kamalu were arguing. The argument, police say, resulted in the victim being assaulted by Kamalu.

Police obtained a warrant for Kamalu’s arrest and took him into custody before releasing him on bond. They say that they are still investigating what happened, though the Ravens decided to release him from the team when the arrest was official. Kamalu never actually played for the NFL team, as he was sent to the practice squad late last year after being signed a month before that.

No matter what happens in this particular case, it is important that victims of domestic violence and those accused receive fair treatment from the judicial system. Those here in Maryland who are facing or considering filing charges of domestic violence may want to consider their available legal options. Many factors are part of domestic violence cases and involving an attorney with experience on both sides of this issue can help ensure that justice is done.