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You might be accused of credit card fraud if this happens

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

Many people don’t carry cash these days. Instead, they opt to use a credit or debit card for all their transactions. This might lead to a question about whether they can allow someone else to use their card or not. While it isn’t illegal to allow someone to use your debit or credit card, the person who is going to borrow it has to be very careful.

You shouldn’t ever use another person’s credit or debit card unless you’re completely sure that the person named on the card is comfortable with you using it. Getting permission before each transaction is a good idea. If the person claims they didn’t know that you were using the card, you could face credit card fraud charges.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you shouldn’t ever use someone’s card unless you know them very well. Even when a person lets you use their card, there is a chance that they could come back later and say they never told you that. They may dispute the transaction, which could lead to an investigation.

It is imperative that you use common sense when you’re trying to decide whether to use another person’s card. If it is a situation that might occur often, the person may opt to give you a card as an authorized user. Some might not feel comfortable with this, so each situation has to be considered individually.

If you are accused of credit card fraud, you need to think carefully about your defense. There are different strategies that you might use, so you need to tailor the plan to the circumstances present in your case.