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Drunk driving arrests come with specific steps

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Drunk Driving

When a police officer suspects that are driving drunk, they will initiate a traffic stop to determine what’s going on. You will be arrested for drunk driving if it is determined that you are impaired. During this process, the officer will collect your identifying information, including your name, address and other information about the incident. You’ll be taken to the jail and go through the booking process.

Once you arrive at the jail, you will have to go through fingerprinting. Your pictures will be taken for your records, and you will be searched. Your personal items are taken and secured. They will be returned to you when you’re released.

You will likely have to remain behind bars while you sober up. Once you are sober, you may have to pay a bail to secure your release. This money paid as a good faith gesture that you will appear at the upcoming court dates. Some individuals don’t have the ability to pay the entire bail all at once. In this case, they might hire a bail bondsman.

When you work with a bondsman, you will pay a percentage of the bail and a fee. They will then secure your release, but you will have to report to that bondsman. Additionally, they can ask the court to revoke your bail if you don’t comply with the terms. This could mean that you end up back in jail until your court date.

It is imperative that you learn about your options for a defense. This gives you the chance to tell your side of what happened, and it also enables you to battle against the charge. You should learn about the possible strategies that you might use.