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Domestic violence defense options vary greatly

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can come from a variety of situations in a relationship, but the long-term impacts of them are fairly universal. A person who faces these charges often has some very serious life consequences to deal with, many of which manifest before the person is convicted. Unfortunately, this is just because of society’s perceptions of this type of situation.

When you are facing a domestic abuse charge, you need to think carefully about your defense strategy. It is so easy to try to point out the faults of the victim, but this isn’t usually perceived well by a jury. This could mean that you end up making it more difficult to have them sympathize with your defense.

The primary factor that makes domestic violence charges hard to defend against is that many of these cases stem from a situation that wasn’t witnessed by anyone. This means that it is usually the defendant’s word against the victim’s statements.

In some instances, the two sides of the story are very different. You might claim the marks on your ex’s arms were there because of something that happened in the heat of a romantic encounter. Your ex may claim they were done during an act of controlling behavior.

You have to work closely with your attorney to find out what possible options there are for a defense. This can help them to understand exactly what goals you have so that the strategy can work toward that. Your defense strategy should show the jurors why the prosecutor’s claims aren’t believable beyond a reasonable doubt.