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Impacts of domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence is a serious matter. You can’t just ignore the accusations, but it is difficult to figure out how to address all the life changes that will come just because of it. Some of the things you will have to handle might seem a bit ridiculous since you aren’t convicted yet.

Make sure that you start working on your defense right away. You need as much time as possible to figure out how you are going to answer these complaints. Simply ignoring them isn’t an option. Neither is trying to have the alleged victim drop the charges. Once the prosecutor picks up the charges, the victim doesn’t have a say in what happens with the case.

Another thing to consider is how this is going to impact your reputation. You might have social effects, and there is a chance that your professional life will suffer. Most people hear about accusations and don’t reserve their judgment until the case is finished. They will automatically judge you based off of what they think they know.

You might also have to deal with the loss of some rights. One of these is your right to parent your children. The court might require you to have supervised visits with your kids until the domestic violence matter is resolved. Your right to own a gun can also be affected by a domestic violence case.

As soon as you know you are facing criminal charges, think about your defense options. You need to ensure that you are doing what is best for your needs. Be realistic about what you are going to do and consider how each choice can affect your future. Now is the time to try to protect yourself.