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Be prepared to face drunk driving charges if they occur

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Drunk Driving

Bonfires, fishing and similar outdoor activities go together well with alcohol for some adults. If you are heading out for a day of warm weather fun that will involve adult beverages, make sure that you make plans for getting home at the end of the festivities. This can save you a lot of legal drama in the future. We know most people don’t want to spend their time in court having to deal with legal woes.

Of course, there isn’t always an opportunity to do this since many of these excursions occur spontaneously. If you think that you are going to drink alcohol, find out if there is someone who will remain sober to take you home. The alternative to this is that you can use a rideshare or public transportation option to get home. If you try to drive yourself home, you might face drunk driving charges.

As you can imagine, drunk driving charges are going to put a damper on your summer. Instead of taking that chance, you should just avoid driving after you’ve had a drink. If you do end up having to drive and are pulled over, remember that you have rights.

The police officers must comply with the law and department regulations. You should try to make mental notes of anything that doesn’t seem right with the traffic stop or subsequent actions. These might come into the picture as you work on your defense. Be sure that you don’t omit anything when you speak to us so that we can determine what strategy option we might be able to use.