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Possible domestic violence defense strategies

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Relationships are difficult, so there are times when disagreements are bound to occur. It is easy for things to get out of hand. There are times when it might turn violent. Unfortunately, this can lead to domestic violence charges. These can be very serious charges that deserve a proper defense.

There are many defense options that you must look into when you are trying to determine what to do. Trying to determine which one is best for your situation can help you as you are developing your defense strategy.

One option that you have is claiming self-defense, which would be appropriate if you honestly thought that you were in imminent danger and if your reaction was proportional. In this case, you couldn’t have been the initial aggressor. This is also a valid defense for a person who reasonably assumed that there was an immediate danger to their children.

Another option is that the person who blamed you for the domestic violence did so falsely. This is sometimes the case if there is a contentious child custody battle or divorce and your ex is trying to make you look bad.

There are also times that the prosecutor’s case doesn’t meet the burden of proof. Trying to call the claims of the prosecution into question can sometimes accomplish what no other defense will, especially when the case is going to a jury trial.

Other options might be showing that the alleged victim consented to some level of roughhousing that led to the injuries or proving that you weren’t the attacker. Sometimes, you might be able to mix more than one of these elements together to create an effective defense.

Whatever you do, get legal assistance as soon as possible.