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Plan for getting home before you leave for the party

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Drunk Driving

Nothing can run your buzz like being pulled over for drunk driving. The only sure way that you can avoid this is to not drive at all if you’ve been drinking. Police officers are on the lookout to see if they can spot drunk drivers in order to keep the roads safer for all.

If something happens and you do end up behind the wheel after the event, you might soon realize that it isn’t as easy to maintain control as you thought it would be. You have to obey the traffic laws that might be crystal clear when you are sober, but they might confuse you when you are drunk. You might swerve from one lane into another or stop in the middle of the road while you try to decide which way to go. Not only are these actions unsafe, but they are also things that police officers look for as probable cause to stop suspected drunk drivers.

We realize that you might have felt as if you had no option except driving home drunk. This might happen if the party host told you that you couldn’t spend the night. You might not be able to count on anyone to get you home, especially if you didn’t plan ahead.

Ideally, anyone who knows that they are going to drink at a party or other function will have at least one option ready for making it home safely. This is often a designated driver, but it might also be taking public transportation and then coming back to get your vehicle later.