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Credit card theft and fraud charges are serious matters

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Theft & Property Crimes

When you think of a theft crime, you might automatically consider burglary or shoplifting. But there is another type that you might not think about — credit card theft or fraud. This charge can be very serious, but you should know what it entails because there is a chance that you might unknowingly break the law.

Credit card theft is pretty self-explanatory. You can commit this crime by taking and using someone else’s credit card without their permission.

If you have permission to have someone’s credit card in your possession, you can’t use it without their permission. In fact, it is a good idea to never use another person’s card. There is a chance they might claim that you didn’t have permission or that you didn’t charge what they authorized you to charge.

Sometimes, crimes related to credit cards have to do with identity theft. This can involve opening credit card accounts in someone else’s name or using their information.

You can also commit credit card-related crimes using your own credit card. This is possible if you know that the card is expired or not otherwise valid. This isn’t common these days because most merchants charge the card while you are right there.

There is a chance that merchants can be charged with credit card fraud if they allow a person to use a credit card when they know that it wasn’t obtained legally or that the purchase wasn’t authorized by the account holder.

No matter what the situation that led to the charges, you need to ensure that you are working on your defense. These serious charges can impact your entire life.