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Parole violations can take away your freedom

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Parole & Probation

A person who is released from prison before they have served their entire sentence will be on parole. This program enables them to be monitored in the community by parole officers. For the men and women who are on parole, the rules of the program can be daunting. It is imperative that they comply with them because they can face a parole violation if they don’t.

If you are on parole, you should review the terms of the program. This helps to keep them fresh in your mind. In all parole plans, you have to report to your supervising officer. At first, these visits might be frequent. If you show the officer that you are trustworthy, the intervals between them might increase. Just be sure that you always check in when required, even if this is done over the phone.

Typically, if you’re on parole, you have to avoid contact with others who’ve been convicted of crimes and not consume alcohol or drugs. You must also avoid getting into new legal trouble. If you violate your parole in any manner, you might have to go before the court and explain your actions.

In a parole violation hearing, you don’t face a jury. Instead, the judge makes decisions about your fate. This is done during a bench trial, so you must prepare properly for this. Depending on the type of violation and the severity of it, you might find yourself back behind bars to finish the remainder of your sentence. You may also face fines and more criminal charges. If you have questions or concerns about the terms of your parole, it’s wise to seek legal guidance.