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Supervised release participants must be careful over the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Parole & Probation

We recently discussed how you can avoid alcohol at holiday parties if you are on probation or parole. This is very important since you can face serious legal action if you are found to be in violation of the terms of the program. There is another possibility that you need to think about during the holiday season — the people with whom you are hanging around.

Many probation and parole programs have terms that forbid participants from associating with felons. While they might make some exceptions for family members, it is highly unlikely that your supervision officer would approve of you being at a party with other felons. This restriction can be very difficult to live with during the holidays, but remember that you aren’t likely on the program for the rest of your life. Being a bit restricted and being able to remain free is a much better option than having to spend the holidays behind bars.

It is a good idea to try to find a support system while you are on probation or parole. Look for people who can help you to remain out of trouble so you don’t have to go before a judge and explain why you messed up. If you are found to have violated the terms of probation or parole, you will first have to speak to your supervision officer. This person will determine how to move forward with any possible legal action. In some cases, they have considerable leeway in their decisions.

If you do find out that you are going to face a probation or parole violation, we can help you to get your case ready and present it to the judge. You must ensure that your rights are being respected through the case.