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Theft crimes can’t be viewed as minor matters

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes

Theft crime charges are serious matters that demand immediate attention. These matters are sometimes viewed as minor because there usually isn’t any physical harm to the alleged victims in the case. Unfortunately, this misconception might lead to a defendant being unprepared for the court hearings.

We realize that you might need help with these cases. We are here to help you work through them so that you have an idea of the possible options for your case. When you are facing theft charges, there is often evidence that needs to be considered as you try to plan your defense.

Your defense has to take your specific circumstances into account. You need to think about what happened that led up to the incident. Did you have permission to borrow the items in question? Was there a misunderstanding about the situation? We can look into these and determine how to use them, if they are applicable to your case.

As you are considering the possibilities, remember that you have to think about the penalties and consequences. The penalties that the court might impose include incarceration and fines. The consequences go beyond this. They include the criminal record that might impact your ability to find a job and the stigma that comes with that record. It means the changes to your freedoms if you are convicted of a felony.

When you are ready to get to work on your defense strategy, we can give you a hand. We will be here to help you ensure that your rights are being respected and that you know what’s coming up. We want you to take control of your case while allowing us to assist you.