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Drunk driving charges don’t have to be part of your weekend

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Before you head out to watch the game or enjoy holiday festivities this weekend, do yourself a favor and find a ride home. You don’t want a drunk driving charge to ruin your weekend or these last two months of the year. By taking the time to find a designated driver or plan for other transportation, you could be saving yourself countless hours and a lot of money.

Drunk driving charges aren’t easy to face. In fact, these charges are sometimes thought of as minor, but they are actually very serious. You might lose your ability to drive legally, which can impact your freedom and your ability to earn money. If you are able to drive a vehicle legally, you might find the cost of obtaining insurance after the conviction is very difficult.

We understand that things sometimes happen and individuals might face criminal charges that they shouldn’t have to face. We take each drunk driving case and review the information individually. We want to let you know what options for a defense you might have so that you can come up with a game plan for your defense.

Whether this is your first drunk driving charge or a subsequent one, we can help you get your case ready for court. Vetting out the options that are open can help you decide which ones you are most comfortable using. This depends on the circumstances of the case, so make sure you don’t try to copy a friend’s defense, even if that strategy got your friend a not guilty finding.