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Drug addiction is a problem that can lead to serious charges

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Drug Charges

The pull of drugs is something that only people who are addicted will know. It can often lead the person to do things that he or she wouldn’t normally do. There is a chance that drug abuse can bring charges of drug possession, but there might be other charges, such as theft, that come with these types of charges.

We understand that the need to get drugs is strong for addicts. We also realize that simply locking someone in jail isn’t going to help him or her address the underlying addiction that is causing him or her to remain in the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

Finding help for an addict is sometimes difficult. Maryland does have a Drug Court program that can help to address the addiction while also meeting the need for criminal justice. Not all drug cases will qualify for the program. Finding out if your case does is something that might have an impact on how you choose to handle your defense.

We realize that you might be a bit overwhelmed right now. It is easy to see why you feel that way. We are here to help provide you with information that applies to your case so that you are aware of what you might be able to do.

As you are working through your case, you need to think about the options can affect your life now and into the future. Ultimately, we want you to know that you can get help for the addiction and we can find ways to help you deal with the criminal charges.