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Factors in a traffic stop impact a drug case based on the stop

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Drug Charges

There are many outcomes of traffic stops that most people don’t ever consider. One of these is that there will be an arrest at the stop because of the presence of drugs or drug paraphernalia. We recently discussed some of the various drug charges that exist. When you are charged with any of these after a traffic stop, you need to think about what happened step by step so you can determine how you are going to proceed with your defense.

We understand that this is a situation that might make you rather upset. You might not have been doing anything wrong, but all of a sudden, you see those flashing lights behind you. This brings up an important point. Police officers can’t stop you for no reason at all. When you are thinking about this point, be honest with yourself and think carefully about what happened just prior to the traffic stop.

If there truly wasn’t any reason for the traffic stop, we might be able to use this information as part of your defense. If the illegal traffic stop wasn’t conducted, the drugs or paraphernalia probably wouldn’t have ever been found. This could potentially help your case against the charges.

There are several other things that we can look into for your case. The actions of the police officer matters because the officer has to respect your rights. For example, when you were arrested, you should have been read your Miranda rights. If you weren’t read those and then questioned after your arrest, the statements you made might be considered inadmissible in court.