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Domestic violence convictions can seriously impact your life

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Domestic Violence

When you are accused of domestic violence, your immediate concern might be figuring out how you can keep your family together. This is understandable; however, you likely need to start focusing on a defense strategy because a domestic violence conviction can have very serious impacts on your life.

Think about what will happen if you need to look for a job. If the employer does a background check, the conviction will show up. In many cases, this violent crime conviction will prevent you from getting the job, even if you are otherwise qualified. Speaking of employment, this conviction could also stop you from being able to hold a public office or a government job.

If your profession requires a license, you might not be able to obtain one due to the conviction. If you currently hold a license, you might have to surrender it if you are convicted.

You could end up losing your housing. Some landlords won’t rent to people who have a criminal record. This means a conviction will severely limit the options you have for housing. The conviction might also preclude you from being able to obtain a home loan, which could have a very serious impact on your future.

There is a possibility that you might end up losing the chance to have custody of your children. Family courts will usually consider a domestic violence conviction in these cases.

All of these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. Finding out how this conviction can affect your life might give you the reasons you need to get to work on a defense strategy.

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