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How are energy drinks and drunk driving related?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Studies have found that those who drink a lot of energy drinks are statistically more likely to be involved in drunk driving incidents. One study interviewed 1,000 college students to find that data. There appear to be some very interesting connections.

One thing researchers weren’t able to decide was exactly why the two were linked, but they have some theories. For one thing, energy drinks are simply mixed with alcohol in many cases. People who drink more of them may not be drinking them on their own, so the higher energy drink consumption stats could also show that these people are drinking more alcohol.

Another possibility is that those who are drinking alcohol may get tired and go to sleep without driving. Those who have alcohol and energy drinks don’t feel tired. They stay awake and are simply more likely to get in the car.

Similarly, though energy drinks don’t make people sober, they may help people feel clear-headed. Some experts believe college students who consume them and alcohol may feel more sober and level-headed than those who have alcohol alone.

Overall, while the study did show a link between alcohol and energy drinks, it also showed that it can be very hard for drivers to know where they stand. Have you been accused of drunk driving even though you honestly felt sober, you thought you weren’t putting anyone at risk, and you didn’t feel like alcohol was impacting your ability to drive? If so, you need to know all of the legal rights that you have when facing charges.

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