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Job hunting for felons can be a rough journey

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Parole & Probation

We have often discussed what a difficult life you can have if you are a felon. One aspect of life that is often difficult to cope with is what being branded a felon does for your opportunities to earn a living. You might have trouble finding a job, especially if you are still on probation or parole after a conviction. This is especially challenging because most parole and probation programs will require you to have a job. If you are looking for work after being convicted of a felony, consider these tips.

One of the most important things that you should remember is to be honest. Don’t try to blame your conviction on someone else. Instead, own up to your actions. If you are able to get an interview and your criminal history comes up, don’t make excuses for it. Let the interviewer know that you are aware that your actions were wrong and let him or her know what you have done to move past that type of lifestyle.

Another thing that you should do if you are looking for work is to have references ready. Counselors and people who have worked with you are good places to start. If you are able to do volunteer work, references you gain through that might prove to be very valuable as you look for paying work. In some cases, employers who you worked for before your criminal case might be a good option.

Finally, you should be ready to accept employment offers even if they aren’t as glamorous as you think you deserve. Getting your foot in the door is important when you are a felon. Even if you don’t plan on staying with a company for the remainder of your employable years, having a recent job history with an employer who can provide a good reference might be worth working at a job you really don’t enjoy for a while.

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