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Don’t take a theft charge sitting down

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Theft & Property Crimes

When you are facing a theft charge, your integrity is being called into question. There are many instances in which an alleged theft might have been something else entirely. We know that you probably never thought you would find yourself in this position, but you mustn’t dwell on that. Instead, you need to focus your energy on your defense.

Each factor in a theft case has the potential to be the factor that we must focus on. As we discussed in our previous blog post, there are many elements of theft cases to consider. When we are looking into your case, we will consider each possible option for a defense and share those with you. As we do this, you can think about how each option might impact your life.

Theft charges on your criminal history can be devastating. These charges could bar you from certain careers or stop you from being able to live in certain places. They can tarnish the reputation that you worked hard to build. We aren’t able to take some of the social impacts of these charges away, but we know that being found not guilty could give you a big boost in reclaiming your reputation.

No matter what type of theft charge you are facing or the circumstances surrounding that charge, you have the right to defend yourself. We are here to help you learn the options that are available. You are the one who has to live with the outcome of your case, so we will look to you to find out what you want for your defense.