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What is drug possession and what are some elements?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Drug Charges

Drug possession charges are some serious charges that can often come to people in a desperate situation. People who are addicted to drugs often think that there isn’t anything that they won’t do just to get their next hit. This often leads them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. When they are finally caught with drugs on them, they might end up facing drug possession charges.

What is drug possession?

Drug possession means that you have illegal drugs in a space that you control. This can mean on your person, in your home, in your vehicle, in your purse or in other areas around you. This means that you can face drug possession charges without having to put your hands on the drugs.

What are the different types of drug possession charges?

There are two different types of drug possession charges that you might face. One of these is drug possession with the intent to distribute, which is a more serious charge, that means you have a larger quantity of drugs in your control that could be to sell or hand out to others. The other is simple possession, which means you only have enough drugs in your possession to be considered for your own personal use. In some cases, the difference between these two charges stems from paraphernalia, such as scales and baggies, near the drugs.

Any drug charge means that you are facing fines and incarceration. Your defense strategy is your only chance to try to minimize the penalties that you are facing. Your defense should call key points of the case against you into question to introduce doubt.

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