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Professional drivers are greatly impacted by DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2016 | Drunk Driving

If you are a professional driver, or even a delivery driver who relies on your ability to drive, you might realize that a drunk driving charge can end your career. What you might not realize is that you might face a drunk driving charge even if your blood-alcohol concentration is below the commonly quoted .08 percent. We know that you might have some questions about the charges you are facing and the options you have for a drunk driving defense.

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you can face a driving under the influence charge if your BAC is above .04 percent. For ordinary drivers who are over 21 years old, a DUI is possible if your BAC is above .08 percent. As you can see, commercial drivers have a limit that is half that of ordinary drivers.

Ordinary drivers who have reached the legal drinking age and have a .04 to .08 percent BAC and have other signs of impairment can face a driving while intoxicated charge. While this charge isn’t as serious as a DUI, it is still one that demands a firm defense strategy.

For drivers who haven’t reached the legal drinking age yet, the limit is even lower. These drivers can face a DUI if their BAC is only .02 percent or higher.

We can help you to sort through the prosecution’s evidence in your drunk driving case case so that you can decide on a defense. You won’t have to handle everything alone when we are here to work with you during every step of your case.