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Aspects of your life might change with drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Drug Charges

When you are facing drug charges, there are several aspects of your life that are on the line. One of these is your freedom. Many drug charges come with the possibility of time in jail or prison. That is often the primary factor that people worry about when they are facing criminal charges in Maryland. We know that most people who are facing drug charges want to minimize the penalties they face. This is possible in some cases. We can help you learn about the options that you have in your case that might minimize the penalties you face.

Another aspect of your life that might change is your financial status. Drug convictions often come with fines, court costs and other fees that can put a damper on your financial status. If you end up being convicted and sentenced to incarceration, that means that you will lose your income. You might end up losing your job since many employers won’t hold a job for a person who is incarcerated on drug charges.

A third aspect that might change is your social life. This is often a big impact because some people might not be willing to associate with a person who is convicted of a drug charge. If you are sentenced to probation or released from prison on parole, you might not be able to associate with your friends if they are also convicted of certain crimes.

We know that all of this is a lot to deal with. While we can’t offer you an assurance that you won’t face any penalties, we can assure you that we will fight for your rights during your defense.