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Violent crime charges must be handled carefully

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Theft & Property Crimes

Violent crimes and crimes that involve personal property are some of the criminal charges that can end with a person who is convicted facing very harsh penalties. If you made a mistake by letting your anger get the best of you, causing you to act in a violent manner, you need to learn about the options that you have for dealing with the criminal case.

We want you to know that you don’t have to face the prosecution on your own. We can evaluate your case, explore the options that you have and help to ensure that you understand your choices. The criminal case against you is one that you will feel the effects of, so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the defense option you choose.

When you are facing charges for violent crimes, you might be offered a plea deal. It is critical that you carefully consider accepting and declining the plea offer. Generally, you will have to plead guilty to the charges against you — or in some cases to lesser charges — in exchange for an agreement with the prosecution to seek a specific sentence. While that might not be an ideal situation for you, it is something that you should consider. This is especially true if you know that the evidence against you is likely to be enough to convict you.

We know that this is a scary time for you. When we represent you, we work closely with you to ensure that you understand what is going on. We work to protect your rights and to show your side of what happened.