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Probation terms often depend on the conviction

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Parole & Probation

Some criminal defense attorneys are able to resolve their clients’ cases with sentences of probation. For many people, this is a preferable outcome since the alternative is usually prison or jail. If you have been sentenced to probation, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the probationary terms, as they often vary from one conviction or court to another.

Those who are convicted of drug crimes might have to go through a rehab program or take drug tests as part of their probation. Those were convicted of other crimes might have additional requirements. Convictions for driving under the influence can bring special conditions like being monitored for alcohol use.

For the most part, many people on probation have to meet with their probation officer on a regular schedule. They usually have to make payments on their fines and other costs, including restitution. They might have to stay in the state unless they have permission to travel from their probation officer. They might have to avoid certain places and people. Finally, they have to avoid being charged with any crimes, even those that might seem minor.

The conditions that defendants on probation have to follow are meant to help them stay out of trouble. Noncompliance with your probationary terms can cause you to be violated. In those cases, you may have to serve out the original sentence for the crime. If you are facing a charge of probation violation, make sure that you understand how that can affect your future involvement with the Maryland criminal justice system.

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