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Alcohol Education Program for drunk driving offenses

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Drunk Driving

Some people who are convicted of a drunk driving charge might have to go through a 12-hour course known as the Alcohol Education Program. The AEP is required for people who are trying to get a driver’s license after a revocation for an alcohol-related offense. Some people will have to take the course if they were referred by an Administrative Law Judge or a District Court judge. Anyone who has to take the course will get a notice from the Motor Vehicle Administration letting them know they have been referred.

When you get the referral letter, there will be a date on the top right corner of the paper. You must start your program by that date, so make sure that you start looking for a program as soon as you get the letter. When you show up for the course, you will need to bring the referral letter.

You must go to the course or you risk having your license suspended. If your license is suspended, you will have to turn it over to a full-service MVA office. If you decide to go through the course after your license was suspended, you will have to bring a verification of completion letter when you apply for a new license.

In some cases, you might be ordered to undergo the 26-week Alcohol Treatment Program. This program includes the 12-hour program, so you won’t have to undergo two different programs. You will have longer to complete this requirement if it is necessary.

If you are facing drunk driving charges in Maryland, you should understand everything that you are ordered to do. Failing to do as ordered can result in harsh penalties.

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