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Probation and parole are different programs

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2015 | Parole & Probation

We recently discussed the difficulties that some people who are on parole might have when they are trying to find a job. Interestingly, even people who are on probation might have the same difficulties just because of the felony mark on their criminal record. We know that the thought of being placed on probation or having to deal with parole might be worrisome. We can help you learn the differences and determine how your case might be affected by probation or parole.

It is vital that you understand the difference between probation and parole. Probation is community supervision that you are sentenced to instead of having to go to prison. Generally, a prison sentence is ordered but then suspended. This means that if you complete probation, you won’t have to go to prison. We can help fight for you to get probation if your case qualifies for this sentencing possibility.

Parole is community supervision that occurs after you have completed the minimum amount of time you were sentenced to serve in prison. This doesn’t mean that you will get out of prison as soon as you meet the minimum sentence. Instead, you will go before a parole board that will decide if you are a good candidate for parole. If you are, you will be released from prison and serve the remainder of your sentence on parole.

In both probation and parole, you will have to report to an officer who will monitor you. You will have to meet other conditions. Failing to report and failing to meet requirements can find you in violation, which can result in a prison sentence. If you are being charged with a violation, we can help you to fight that violation.