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Protect your rights as you fight domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2015 | Domestic Violence

There is a variety of thoughts that might go through your mind when you learn that a loved one is accusing you of domestic violence. If you find out that you are facing criminal charges because of those accusations, you might begin to feel worried. We can help you learn your options for defense against crimes related to domestic violence.

In Maryland, there aren’t any specific criminal laws for domestic violence. Instead, people accused of domestic violence are charged with crimes that pertain to the case. Some people accused of domestic violence might be charged with assault, sex-related crimes, stalking or false imprisonment. We know that you just want to move on with your life instead of having to defend your rights.

While we can’t promise you that we can make everything go away, we can protect your rights while you go through the criminal justice process. Besides the criminal justice aspect, we can also help you to learn your rights for dealing with a request for a protective order or peace order.

Domestic violence accusations can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life. If you were living with your accuser, you might not be able to return home if there is a protective order issued.

A charge related to domestic violence can also affect your ability to work if an employer does a criminal background check. The same is true for housing if a landlord does a background check. We can help you learn your rights at every step of your case, and we can help you try to minimize the effects the situation has on your life.