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Distinct defense strategies are possible for DUI cases

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Drunk Driving

When most people think of a defense to criminal charges, they imagine a claim of innocence. In the case of a drunk driving defense, claims of innocence might not be a defense option that you are comfortable with. Instead, you might opt to use an affirmative defense instead of claiming that you weren’t the one who was drinking and driving on the night in question.

We know that you might have a lot of questions about building a defense for a DUI case. We can help you to look through all the possible defense strategies, including those based on claims of innocence and those based on affirmation.

Some of the options you have for an affirmative defense include claiming that you had to drive after drinking. This defense might be suitable if you can prove that driving while you were intoxicated was the lesser of two evils. Mistake of fact and involuntary intoxication are two other options that might apply to some cases.

In the case of claims of innocence, calling factors like the officer’s actions or the results of the chemical test might be possible. The possibility of these options is known only upon reviewing a case.

When it comes to choosing a defense strategy, there are several factors that must be considered. The evidence the prosecution is presenting, evidence that the defendant can offer and the facts surrounding the case are some of those factors. We can help you sort through everything in your case to determine what options you have.

Whether you want to consider a defense based on claims of innocence or a defense based on affirmative claims, we can help you to build your defense.