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Any theft-related charge must be taken seriously

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

Theft charges of any sort are difficult charges to face. When those charges stem because of an accusation of fraud or similar circumstances, it can seem like a huge weight is being placed on your shoulders. We know that you don’t want your good name ruined because of those types of charges. We can fight for your rights as you go through the criminal justice proceedings.

There are some instances in which theft charges can pose unique challenges. Examples of this would be if the theft charge has a violent undertone, such as carjacking or armed robbery. No matter what type of theft-related charges you are facing, we can help you to learn your options for defense.

Even if your case involves white collar crimes, such as embezzlement or fraud, we can help you to explore your options. These types of theft-related charges can have significant consequences, especially if they are related to your employment.

In fact, all theft charges can have an impact on your life. Having these charges or a conviction on your criminal record can make finding housing or employment difficult since many places are turning to criminal background checks as part of the application process.

You don’t have to resign yourself to the worst case scenario regarding your charges. Instead, let us look into your case and help you learn your options. From there, we can work on protecting your rights and keeping you informed as your case moves through the criminal justice court system. You don’t have to try to fight your case alone. We can stand by your side.