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Protect your rights as you fight against drug charges

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Drug Charges

As we discussed last week, there are certain freedoms that are removed when you have a felony drug conviction on your record. One of those freedoms that can be affected is the freedom to travel where you want. When you are facing drug charges, all of the consequences of a conviction are likely going through your mind. We know how stressful that can be.

You don’t have to fight against drug charges on your own. We can help you with your defense from the start of your case until the end. We have handled a variety of drug cases, including manufacturing, distribution, possession, trafficking and possession with intent to distribute. Even if your case involves prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana or mushrooms, we can help you fight the charges against you.

When you are facing a drug charge, you may go through a lot of different steps. When you are arrested or being interviewed, you shouldn’t give any statements until you have consulted with an attorney. Once you are charged, building your case and evaluating the case against you become the top priorities.

We can help you learn your rights as you move through the system. We can also help you learn how to protect your rights. Yes, even though you are in the criminal justice system, you still have rights.

We know that you don’t want to lose your freedoms because of a drug conviction. While we can’t make you a promise about how your case will be resolved, we can help you to fight for your rights and stand by your side until the end.