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Woomen can face domestic violence charges, too

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Domestic Violence

People who think of domestic violence cases might not realize that men aren’t the only people who have to face domestic violence charges. There are some women who have to face those charges. For women, the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be serious. With that in mind, it is important for women to understand the behaviors that might lead to them being accused of domestic violence because not all of them involve hitting or other physical contact. In fact, many of them are simply about controlling the man.

A woman can be accused of domestic violence may have called her husband or partner names or insulted them. She might try to stop them from going to see their family members. In some cases, the woman might control the money without letting her husband or partner have any say in the matter. Controlling what a person wears and where they go are also signs of domestic violence.

Of course, domestic violence can also take on a physical form at the hands of the woman. A woman who forces her partner to engage in sexual activities can be accused of domestic violence. Hitting, choking, slapping, shoving and kicking are also acts that can be considered domestic violence.

If any of those things are happening in a relationship, the woman might face the possibility of being charged with domestic violence. The women who end up facing the criminal justice system for domestic violence charges should make sure they understand the evidence against them and what options they have for offering a defense against the charges.

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