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Are domestic violence charges more common during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2015 | Domestic Violence

There is a thought that domestic violence incidents increase around the holidays. Some people cite statistics from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence’s compilation to refute that thought. Others say that those statistics show only part of the story, and a study done in Idaho backs that claim. No matter which side of the fence our readers in Maryland are on, the fact remains that domestic violence charges are some horrible charges for anyone to face.

When does domestic violence occur?

Whether it is a holiday or not, the fact remains that domestic violence occurs when the alleged abuser and the victim are together. This often means the incidents happen in the home and not out in public. That makes it hard for the accused abuser to prove that the allegations made weren’t factual.

Is alcohol consumption during holidays a cause of domestic abuse?

Some people say that holiday alcohol consumption leads to an increase in domestic violence since alcohol consumption is more widely accepted around certain holidays. These people claim that the alcohol provides a cover of sorts for the alleged abuser. Most alcoholics don’t abuse their partners, so the connection between alcohol and domestic violence just doesn’t seem like a plausible one.

What should I do if I’m accused of holiday domestic violence?

A person who is abusive likely won’t wait until the holidays to wreck havoc on his or her spouse. Instead, they are likely to try to force their will on their partners whenever the mood strikes. For the people who have been wrongly accused of holiday domestic violence, allowing the alcohol and holiday season to be used against them isn’t something they should stand for. Instead, they should stand up and fight against the allegations of abuse to try to protect their freedom.

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