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Juvenile crimes in Maryland are a chance to teach children

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

In our post last week, we discussed vandalism. That is one charge that is fairly common among juveniles. This is sometimes the result of boredom and sometimes the result of malicious intent. Many parents can probably remember being teenagers and egging a house or toilet papering a house. Those two events are classified as vandalism.

We know that teens will be teens. We understand that you don’t want your teen to suffer a lifetime of negative consequences because of one seemingly harmless mistake. As your teen goes through the juvenile justice system, it is important to realize that the focus should be on rehabilitation and helping the teen instead of trying to punish and reprimand the teen.

All children, even teens, can be molded and taught the right way to behave. As a case goes through the Maryland juvenile justice system, the child gets that opportunity. Sadly, some juveniles are waived over to the adult court. When that happens, the child doesn’t get the rehabilitation that is possible through the juvenile system. Instead, the child is simply placed in prison and left to learn the ropes.

We don’t want children who can be helped to be stuck in an adult prison. We don’t want to see them have to deal with the harsh adult court. Let us help you fight for your child. You should take part in developing the defense strategy. You should have a say in what happens to your child. Even if your child has already been waived to the adult court, we can still help you fight for your child.