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Woman faces hundreds of drug charges in Maryland

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Drug Charges

A recent two-month investigation looking into prescription drug fraud has ended with a woman facing hundreds of charges related to prescription drugs. Interestingly, the woman was on probation in Wyoming for similar charges. While reading about what this woman is charged with and the alleged circumstances, our readers should keep in mind that the woman is still considered innocent. She still has the right to defend herself against these serious charges in Maryland.

The Maryland woman is accused of taking information from patient accounts with Annapolis Billing Services. She was an employee there who was allegedly taking patient information to fill oxycodone prescriptions. She allegedly forged prescriptions for drugs and had those prescriptions filled at various pharmacies.

The police allegedly found evidence of long-term prescription fraud and 653 pills thought to be oxycodone when they searched her vehicle. That vehicle was seized by police.

She was charged with 379 charges in connection with the investigation. The charges vary greatly, but include charges like obtaining prescriptions by fraud, possession of oxycodone, possession of oxycodone with intent to deliver, and fraud/identity theft.

This woman allegedly got more than 10,000 prescription pills through illegal prescriptions since the spring of this year. The street value is an estimated $50,000. The actual cost of the pills was paid for by the insurance companies of the victims of the alleged theft of personal information.

The woman is being held on a $200,000 bond in connection with these charges. As she moves through the criminal justice system, she should make sure that she understands her options regarding offering a defense.

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