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Vandalism isn’t legal in any state, including Maryland

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

Getting angry with someone might lead some people to do things that aren’t appropriate. One of the actions that might be tempting is to destroy or damage that person’s property. Defacing or destroying someone’s property without his or her permission is considered vandalism. Acts of vandalism are punishable in the criminal justice system, so it is vital that anyone who is thinking of harming someone’s property take a few minutes to think about the consequences.

Our readers in Maryland might like to know a little bit more about vandalism. There are several places where vandalism can occur. Street signs, parks, billboards, bus stops, cemeteries, homes, vehicles and any other place that doesn’t belong to the alleged vandal are places where vandalism might occur.

In order for a person to be convicted of vandalism, there are some very specific points that must be met. The act has to be willful. It has to alter, destroy or deface the property of someone else. This can mean painting graffiti on property, slashing tires, keying a car, egging a home, knocking down street signs or kicking out windows.

There are some instances in which an actual act of vandalism might not entail actual property damage. If a person has the means to commit vandalism and is in a place where vandalism might occur, they might be charged with vandalism.

It is important for anyone who is facing vandalism charges understand how to present his or her side of the case. Working with someone who is familiar with these types of laws can help you to learn about the charges so you can decide how to present a defense.

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