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Marijuana drug charges can have serious consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Drug Charges

We have often discussed cases involving drug charges. While some people might have a tendency to think that some drug crimes are worse than others, that isn’t necessarily the case. The thought that being charged with cocaine possession is somehow worse than being charged with marijuana possession isn’t correct. A person who faces charges relating to marijuana might find that there are very serious effects of those charges.

We know that you don’t want a drug charge to affect every aspect of your life. Even if you are charged under the Maryland misdemeanor drug laws, you might find that there are negative impacts you didn’t even realize would occur.

One way to combat the effects of being charged with a drug crime is to present a solid defense against the charges. You have to stand firm to protect your rights.

You don’t have to let a marijuana charge stop you from being able to find work or find a place to live. You don’t to let it take away your chance of being able to get the education you want by costing you your financial aid. If you are an immigrant, a marijuana charge might mean you face deportation, but you don’t have to let that happen without a good legal fight.

With the harsh stance the state’s authorities are taking against all forms of drug use, including marijuana use, it is easy to understand why people facing these accusations need a firm defense. Knowing your rights and how the laws apply to your case can help you decide how to move forward with your defense.