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Domestic violence charges stem from 1 of 4 types of alleged abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Domestic Violence

When things get tough at home, the last thing you probably expect is to be accused of domestic violence. While many cases of domestic violence go unreported, there are instances in which domestic violence claims are falsely made. If you are facing domestic violence claims, you should be aware of some of the basic aspects of domestic violence.

While physical abuse is the most commonly thought of type of domestic violence, it isn’t the only type of domestic violence. Domestic violence can also come in the forms of financial abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse. Each type of divorce has specific points that set them apart from the others.

Physical abuse is often noticed because of outward injuries, such as bruises, marks and injuries. While some of these encounters do require medical care, seeking medical care isn’t a requirement to prove domestic abuse.

Financial abuse can occur when one partner in the relationship assumes all control over finances in a way that harms the other partner. This means that the partner who controls the money has complete control over life sustaining aspects of the partner, such as the ability to buy food or clothing.

Sexual abuse might seem like a really odd form of domestic violence, but it is still possible. If a partner engages in behavior that demeans the other person or stops them from making decisions, domestic violence claims might be made. Examples of this are one partner forcing the other to avoid contraception or one partner becoming physically demanding to the point of rape.

Psychological abuse occurs when one partner threatens, intimidates or instills fear in the other partner for the purpose of control. This is tough one for claimants to prove because the behavior has to be deliberate and persistent.

Now that you know about how broad domestic violence claims can be, it should be easy to see why seeking someone with experience if you are facing domestic violence charges is important. Knowing the laws in Maryland pertaining to domestic violence is one way to present a suitable defense against charges.

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