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Man denied bail in Maryland, extensive criminal history presented

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Drug Charges

For some people, what they have done in the past has a way of coming back to them at a time when they least expect it. In some cases, the past can hinder them from being able to move forward with their future as they have it planned. For one Maryland man, an extensive criminal history seems to have played a part in a recent court hearing. That court hearing has resulted in him being held without bail.

The man was stopped on Interstate 95. During the stop, he allegedly said his name was Robert Ernest Johnson, but later changed his first name to Roger. Neither was his real name. While he was stopped, authorities allegedly found suspected heroin, as well as two glass pipes that contained what was suspected to be crack cocaine.

As the result of that stop, the man was charged with several criminal counts, including some drug charges. His charges include making a false statement to an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a drug other than marijuana, driving despite a suspended license, not wearing a seat belt, unauthorized window tinting and failing to display a license.

When he went before a judge for a bail hearing, the judge opted to hold him without bail. During that hearing, the assistant state’s attorney told the judge the man had 15 Social Security numbers, 23 known aliases, 11 dates of birth, 43 counts of failure to appear in court, 56 arrests and 38 convictions. The man said that he is a teacher and just wants to get past this.

Having a proper defense in cases like this is vital, especially since a considerable criminal history has already been introduced to the court. Knowing how to present that defense might involve hours of planning to ensure that the intentions regarding the current case are properly represented. This can mean knowing how to apply specific laws to the case as part of the defense strategy.

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