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Maryland police track cell phone to chase down stolen $150,000

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

An employee who was working at a casino in Maryland allegedly decided to take a chance to bring home some extra cash after spotting a pile of $100 bills at work. He grabbed the money before ending his shift, and the total value of the stack was $150,000.

However, the security crew at the casino, along with the police force, found out about what he had done and worked very quickly to figure out where he was. They used a somewhat unconventional but very productive tactic, deciding that they would track his mobile phone in order to figure out where he — and the money — were headed.

Only a few hours after the man allegedly swiped the money and casino officials found out what he had done, officers from two different police departments worked together to bring him into custody. The police departments involved were from Washington D.C. and Anne Arundel County.

The officials knew which cellphone they needed to track because they apparently spotted the man committing the crime on the security cameras. They knew that the money was gone since an audit showed them that they were missing a substantial amount.

Police were able to recover most of the cash. The man had $34,000 on him when he was arrested. Another $100,000 was found in a friend’s car, stashed in the trunk. They are still looking for the rest of the money.

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