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Maryland doctor faces 20 years in prison following guilty plea

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Drug Charges

Doctors have to make sure that they care for patients in a way that is legal and ethical. If the doctor deviates from that, even unintentionally, there is a chance that the doctor could face very serious consequences for those actions. A recent case of a Maryland obstetrician shows just how important it is for doctors to always do things on the up and up.

The obstetrician was being investigated by the Maryland Board of Physicians. He allegedly wrote prescriptions to two people for his girlfriend in another state. He also wrote her prescriptions and mailed her drugs. He was sending oxycodone, fentanyl and methadone to his out-of-state girlfriend through the mail. The man has surrendered his license to practice medicine in connection with this investigation.

When Drug Enforcement Administration agents were investigating the case against the man, they found inappropriate images of female patients on his phone. They also found cocaine. He hasn’t been charged with any crimes for the photos, but he was charged with a single count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics in federal court.

The man pleaded guilty to that drug crime charge. He faces up to 20 years in prison. He will learn his fate on Sept. 23 during his sentencing hearing. It is important for him to be properly prepared for this hearing.

This doctor opted to plead guilty to the charge he was facing. Prior to doing so, he should have made sure to understand the charge and consequences. He already surrendered his medical license, so professional consequences likely didn’t matter at that point.

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