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Maryland man faces prison sentence for probation violation

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Parole & Probation

When you are on probation, it is very important to make sure you understand all the conditions of your probation. If you fail to comply with those conditions, you face the possibility of having to serve jail time or other consequences. For one man, failing to comply with his probation terms has landed him in trouble. Despite being sentenced to serve four months in jail, the man sees a positive side of the sentence.

The man was on probation for a conviction for a robocall made during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. One condition of the probation on that conviction was that the man couldn’t work in any capacity on a political campaign. He was recently convicted of violating his probation by entering a state Senate race. He said he wants to bring positive change to the 45th District.

The man claims that his probation didn’t prevent him from being a candidate. Instead, he says that he was forbidden from being a consultant. He has 30 days to appeal the conviction. If he loses the appeal, he has 10 days to report to jail. This jail sentence cancels his probation sentence. That would leave him free pending the outcome of his appeal. His supporters claim they want him in the race for the 45th District Senate seat.

For this man, understanding the appeal process is vital. He must make sure that he files his appeal in time, and he must ensure that he files a strong appeal. Seeking the advice of a Maryland criminal defense attorney can help him get answers to questions he may have.

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