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Wounded teen accused of robbery and assault

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2013 | Theft & Property Crimes

A teenager has been taken into custody in connection with a robbery that took place on a bike trail in Maryland. Reports indicate that the 17-year-old will be charged as an adult. The theft charge came after police were called to the area for a stabbing incident. Police found the youth on the trail suffering from a wound to the back of his left shoulder. He told police that he was the victim of a robbery.

Shortly after police responded to the stabbing call, they were alerted to another location for a report of a robbery. The man told police that he was robbed on the trail by two men. He described one of the men as carrying a baseball bat that he used to strike him with, according to police reports. The man said that he stabbed one of the men in order to defend himself. The man claimed his phone, shoes and his knife were stolen.

Police say that their investigation of the situation indicated that the teenager they encountered on the trail earlier in the evening had attempted to rob the other man. The man was transported to a local hospital for treatment of the stab wound and was released into police custody. Police indicated that they did not believe that the men knew each other.

The charges in this case could lead to serious legal consequences for the teenager. A defense attorney could argue that he should not be charged as an adult and additionally raise questions about the evidence against the teenager. The prosecution will need more evidence to prove his involvement in this alleged crime.

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