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Drug charges for 18-year-old Marylander

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Drug Charges

Maryland State Police say that during a traffic stop that took place shortly before midnight on Sept. 25, they discovered cannabis in a car driven by an 18-year-old motorist. The police claim that their reason for stopping the teenager was that he was driving erratically.

According to authorities, a trooper observed the individual traveling under the speed limit and drifting within his lane. The police also claim that the vehicle crossed into the shoulder twice before the law enforcement official decided to pull it over. The trooper said that they saw drug paraphernalia in the car while the traffic stop was underway. Using this as probable caused for search, the trooper discovered a substance that they believed to be marijuana. The young man received a criminal citation for the drug charges of possessing cannabis and paraphernalia.

Police did not say how much of the drug was allegedly present in the vehicle, nor how the trooper initially saw the illicit substances at that time of night. The man was also reported to be in possession of a pair of cannabis grinders and four unspecified smoking devices.

Youths who are accused of victimless drug crimes may find it extremely difficult to continue their lives thereafter. Drug charges such as possession of cannabis or paraphernalia can disqualify people from some jobs or make it harder for them to pursue educational opportunities later. In addition, strict incarceration laws may render people’s career skills useless because they lose the ability to keep up with their field while they’re in prison. Criminal defense lawyers may be able to help these individuals get their lives back on track by arguing against sentences, examining potentially illegal police evidence-gathering methods or filing appeals.

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